A planter solution for every space

Premium quality made-to-order planter products, tailored to you or your client’s needs.


Durable Materials

Palemast Plant Décor designs and manufactures modern metal planter frames, aluminium pots and associated products for the commercial environment, using industrial-grade materials that make them durable for high-traffic areas.


Wide range of designs

We offer a wide range of modern minimalistic designs which are both stylish and long-lasting. 



Fully customizable in style, size, shape, colour, and finish, there is a planter for every project space whether it is on the floor, wall or ceiling.

Product Categories

Our Aim

Our aim is to become an industry leader for contemporary indoor planters and have become a trusted resource for interior architects, interior designers, trade contractors, and other trade professionals who want beautiful, durable planter décor products for their projects.

Terra range
Detail view of planter
Detailed view of terra